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Research Project

Abiotic stress caused by drought, and biotic stress caused by Aspergillus flavus (a fungus that produces aflatoxin) impose severe limitation to sustainable crop production, especially for maize, in the Southern US. With ever increasing demands on water and land by a growing population,  stakeholders (including plant breeders, educators, extension agents, producers and the public)  must work toward recognizing and meeting these challenges. Recent basic scientific discoveries have shown that the lipoxigenase (LOX) gene family mediates quantitative variation for both drought tolerance and aflatoxin resistance in maize. In the reseach componant of this project we will look for natural genetic diversity within maize at two LOX genes and test thier ability to increase drought tolerance and aflatoxin resistance using an association mapping approach. We will incoperate beneficial LOX alleles into elite US maize lines to improve levels of drought tolerance and aflatoxin resistance.


  • Drought in maize (draft - in preperation for submission)
  • Aflatoxin in maize
  • Climate change on agriculture (published)


  • two in prepation


  • Forthcoming






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This project is funded by the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture.